The kind of work we do is no walk in the park. Hauling, steel erection, and millwrighting carry very special risks. Risks that must be recognized and planned for to complete a project, with the safety record that owners, general contractors, and insurance companies demand.

Superior Rigging & Erecting Company is committed to a zero-accident environment every day on every job. We back that commitment with an active safety staff, support and enforcement from top and frontline management, plus comprehensive, ongoing training.

From our beginning in 1952, Superior Rigging & Erecting has worked hard to create and instill a culture of safety. That culture has kept our injury and lost workday rates well below national averages. Plus, our Experience Modifier Rate is consistently below the industry standard.

At the beginning of each project, we conduct job-specific training, with safety goals and safe operating procedures clearly defined, followed by weekly safety training sessions. Daily safety inspections on each job site ensure that little problems are resolved quickly. And every site is a drug-free workplace.

Safety is a round-the-clock attitude shared throughout our company. You can be sure we are committed to meeting your critical milestones. But we will never be so focused on productivity that we sacrifice safety.

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"Your company was instrumental in erecting the first dive coaster in the United States."
- Daniel B. Brown / Busch Gardens
"You succeeded in performing a flawlessly yet difficult schedule with high risk."
- Equata James / Turner Corporation Company
"There are no words to express our appreciation to your firm in making our job easier and these awards possible."
- Thomas N. Troutman / New South Construction Company, Inc.
"Thank you for providing such excellent service to the High Museum during the many fall exhibition changes."
- Amy Simon / The High Museum of Art
"We would not have been able to overcome our hardship so quickly without the cooperation and performance from Superior Rigging"
- Jeff Herrin / Southwire