Our Values

Every company has a set of values it follows in order to provide outstanding service, and Superior Rigging & Erecting Co. is no different. We have a set of values that we have summed up in our promise to all of our customers. We know that we’ve earned our reputation by holding true to these values in our many years of service. Upholding that reputation is important to us, which is why we make this promise to everyone we work with: We promise close communication, extraordinary efficiency and technical excellence in every aspect of the project.


Servant Leadership


We believe that all leaders should be servants first. By following this philosophy, we are able to build a better organization, enrich the lives of everyone we work with, and contribute towards the creation of a more caring world. We believe servant leadership isn’t something you engage in periodically. It’s something you practice every day.


We take our social responsibility very seriously, which is why we support a number of local and national nonprofits. We put the needs of others—customers, neighbors, employees—ahead of our own, working to ensure that everyone has access to basic needs and the chance to grow and develop.




Another one of our values is flexibility. We understand despite the best-laid plans, things can go wrong - a natural disaster, days of rain, or a myriad of other issues can affect your project. We create a blueprint to follow, but we always make certain that flexibility is built in. This allows us to pull in different resources to continue working whenever possible.


Be Straightforward


Communication is vital in everything, but it’s especially important in the projects we do. We understand that communicating the truth breeds comfort, understanding, and value. We communicate everything to our clients in a no-nonsense, straightforward way. The outcome of every project we work on belongs to the client, and if they aren’t happy with it, we’ve done something wrong. By clearly communicating the project status every step of the way, we ensure that doesn’t happen.


Honesty and Integrity


We believe in full honesty and integrity in everything we do, no matter how large or small the project is. By leveraging our experience and training, we’re able to create a blueprint for every project that will make efficient use of resources and time. With the versatility our large equipment fleet provides us, we’re able to quickly respond to every customer’s needs and to any unexpected situations.