Wings of Steel: ERAU Student Union Project


Over 2,000 tons – that is how much steel we erected at the new student union building on Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s campus. With that much weight you would expect the building to look like a colossal mass sunk in the groundinstead, it appears more to hover above the ground, suspended by its giant steel wings, ready to take flight at any moment.  

The ikon.5 architectural firm and Thornton Tomasetti’s engineer team are to thank for this captivating building design. Because ERAU is an aeronautical school, they wanted the building to invoke a bird in flight. Of course, this is much easier said than done. Making 2,000 tons of steel look as light as air is no easy task, but, then again, no task is too big for Superior.  

Erecting one steel rod after another, we were able to make the ERAU student union take flight. We are thankful to the architectural and engineer teams on this project for placing their trust in us – they needed a steel erecting company that wouldn’t let them down, but lift them up, so we made sure to do just that.  

Check out the featured article in the Modern Steel Construction publication:

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