Currently, we have 4 carry deck cranes for rent in our fleet.
  • Maeda MC405CRME: the most powerful of the MC range of Mini Cranes, this vehicle has a 4.24 ton lifting capacity and and a 55.1 ft max tip height
  • Broderson IC-80-20: this industrial carry deck crane features a maximum load capacity of 8 tons, 360º rotating boom, and a max tip height of 46′ with boom extension
  • Broderson IC-200-2C: this crane boasts a 15 ton lifting capacity, 360º continuous rotating boom, and a max tip height of73′ 8″ with boom extension
  • Broderson IC-250-3D/3E: these cranes have an 18 ton load capacity, 360º rotating boom, and a max tip height of 79′ 6″
4.24 tons
8 tons
15 tons
73' 8"
18 tons
79' 6"
18 tons
79' 6"

When renting a crane from Superior Rigging and Erecting Co., you aren’t just getting a construction vehicle. We have been delivering exceptional results across the Southeast for over 70 years, but our experience isn’t the only thing that sets us above the competition.

  • Specialized Rigging: An often overlooked aspect of a crane rental is the rigging! Over the years, we have earned the reputation as the rigging company with a gentle touch. We have the knowledge, expertise, and passion to handle even the most challenging and unique projects.
  • Safety: In everything we do, we are committed to a safety-first mindset. We firmly believe that the safety of our employees, clients, environment, and anyone involved with the projects should not be compromised or endangered in any way by our operations.
  • Lift planning: Most of our work on a project starts before we ever set foot on a construction site. The secret to our success over the years has been our careful planning. We scope out every aspect of the job, from safety concerns to the execution of the project.

What is a Carry Deck Crane?

A carry deck crane is multi-functional crane with a low profile design that operates well in tight spaces. Featuring a 360º rotating boom, these mobile cranes offer a ton of versatility. They are typically outfitted with hydraulic controls, which allow the crane operator to make precise movements. This is especially useful in job sites with narrow spaces and little room for mistakes.

Common Features and Accessories

There are a variety of features and accessories available for different models including:

  • Light packages like work lights or a strobe light
  • Boom extension
  • Four wheel steer
  • All-weather operator cab
  • Noise reduction package

There are a lot of options when using a carry deck crane, making them one of the more common mobile cranes you will find on a construction site.

Why Rent a Carry Deck Crane?

Perhaps the most important differentiator for this type of crane is the crane deck. Now, construction materials can moved around the jobsite without the use of another vehicle. In fact, a true carry crane will have a self-loading carry deck. This means that this crane can load and unload itself without the help of another person. Specific tasks one might use a carry deck crane for on the job include:

  • Moving materials or equipment around the job site
  • Maneuvering loads around tight spaces or overhead obstacles

Carry Deck Crane Considerations

These construction vehicles can provide a wide variety of benefits on a construction site. Here are the main things to remember.

On a smaller construction site, you don’t need a massive tower crane with a lifting capacity of 200+ tons. A smaller crane, like one of our carry decks, is more than enough to get the job done a majority of the time.

Due to their relatively short main boom, carry deck cranes are perfect for indoor jobs or projects without a ton of height. The boom is also much more maneuverable making loads in tight spaces or near obstacles more accessible

It’s important to remember that carry deck cranes require outriggers for stablization. So, you’ll need to factor this in when considering how much space you will need for the crane to operate

While carry deck cranes are a fantastic option for smaller projects, they are certainly a welcome addition to larger construction sites as well. For larger projects, we definitely recommend having one of our larger cranes on site as well.


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