At Superior Rigging & Erecting Co., we have served as a premium provider of top-quality heavy transport services. Our fleet of heavy transporters combined with more than 70 years of experience has allowed us to specialize in delivering unparalleled heavy transport solutions across the United States. Our skilled and proficient team is trained to handle the most intricate heavy steel projects, making the seemingly impossible appear effortless, and you can depend on SRE to provide complete transportation solutions for your critical turnaround schedule. 

These services play an integral role in the long haul transportation of construction equipment and any oversize load, impacting the efficiency and timely execution of projects. Ultimately, heavy transport goes beyond load and delivery. We manage every aspect of your move, including insuring, permitting, licensing, loading, unloading, and escorting, so you can keep your focus on where it needs to be in your business.

SRE’s Comprehensive Heavy Transport Solutions

At SRE, our fleet of heavy transport vessels and trucks features capacities to handle wide loads up to 50 tons. We start with trained, professional, and courteous drivers, and then provide them with the equipment and resources perfectly matched to the job. With our top-of-the-line transportation solutions, we are able to manage every aspect of cargo delivery, including licensing, insuring, and permitting, to guarantee worry-free road transport and on-time delivery of freight equipment. With our equipment fleet of heavy-duty trucks, we are focused on zero-emission solutions to promote clean energy and safety. One thing that stands out here at SRE is our ability to combine our service offerings. If you need a place to store a heavy load in between moves or construction projects, our warehousing services are the perfect addition to a heavy haul service. Additional services like our crane rental, steel fabrication, steel erection, and millwrighting can be integral after transporting your heavy equipment. SRE is a one-stop shop that can make the rest of your project a success.

Importance of Heavy Haul Services

In the transport sector, heavy transport services are extremely important for companies engaging in large construction projects, offering critical solutions in transporting heavy equipment and specialized loads. 

Heavy haul services are important because they prevent potential damage to the load and keep the equipment in its optimal condition through transport. Being able to proficiently manage the logistics involved in the transportation of heavy machinery and oversized loads is a key aspect of success. It requires a detailed approach to planning the transport, adhering to regulations, and securing the necessary permits to complete projects without any complications. At Superior Rigging & Erecting Co, we prioritize the secure and efficient transportation of your equipment, maintaining its condition and guaranteeing timely arrival to its destination. The transport sector is continuously evolving, and we are staying ahead of the curve by delivering reliable and safe solutions for successful project completion.

Our Work in Action

One example of our proficiency and expertise is our Georgia Aquarium project. We worked with the Georgia Aquarium to plan and execute a heavy lifting operation where we set pieces of large equipment without having to shut down operations at the Aquarium. In this project, we utilized our freight transport services and crane rental to ensure a successful project execution. Explore details of Lifting and Setting Equipment | Georgia Aquarium here!

Advantages of Using a Heavy Transport Service

Choosing Superior Rigging & Erecting Co. as your logistics agent ensures access to a wide range of safe and reliable transport options. Our professional drivers are equipped with heavy-duty vehicles capable of managing wide and heavy loads. Utilizing heavy haul services also gives companies the unique advantage of providing efficient and secure management of heavyweight freight, critical for the construction and aviation sectors.

This service is especially beneficial for long-haul trucking of heavy equipment, allowing for the safe delivery of important machinery and equipment. By using a professional heavy transport service, companies can also alleviate the risks associated with the transport of heavy-duty equipment, ensuring compliance with all relevant policies and regulations. Overall, professional heavy transport services, like those provided by SRE, deliver reliability, security, and efficiency, facilitating a smoother operational flow for businesses.

Partner for Success with Superior Rigging and Erecting Co.

When you choose SRE, you are choosing a reliable partner in the heavy transport sector. We understand that each business has specific goals, and our priority is to provide the highest quality work for your projects. We have served as a leader in the industry for many years, and our services extend far beyond heavy transport, including crane rental, warehousing, steel fabrication, steel erection, and more!

For extensive expertise, a large equipment fleet, and a commitment to innovation and customer service, contact Superior Rigging & Erecting Co. and experience what we offer for heavy transport.


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