Superior Rigging & Erecting Co.’s 30-acre site in Atlanta, Georgia includes a storage yard and 92,000 square feet of warehouse space, allowing us to store oversized or “weather-sensitive” equipment. We also use the space as staging areas for upcoming projects, so we can quickly load and deliver our products directly to the job site.

20,000 square feet of our facility is dedicated to shop fabrication and production of steel columns, beams, trusses, girders joists, and decking, as well as one-of-a-kind structures. We also produce a wide variety of smaller iron, stainless steel, and aluminum project items such as stairs, railings, and cable trays.

With an additional 12,000 square feet of office space, Superior plans every complex detail of our projects thoroughly, and then we execute with commitment and hard work. We have built a reputation for excellence by Making the Tough Look Easy for 70 years.


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