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Since 1952, designers, architects, and curators have trusted our reputation as the rigging company with a gentle touch. Our expertise, attention to detail and commitment to planning and safety allow us to Make the Tough Look Easy. We’re known for a special willingness to solve the tasks related to moving challenging, priceless, and precious projects with efficiency and safety.

Superior offers the mobilization of different equipment across multiple industries by formatting a plan and accommodating customers with what’s in our arsenal. We utilize our fabrication shop and years of rigging experience to move pieces that are not designed with a generic hookup.

We work in cramped quarters, within tight schedules, and satisfy the most demanding clients, because Superior’s own expectations are just as demanding. We make sure that each job is thoroughly planned before we begin, and then we back-up this planning with attention to detail and commitment. We are proud of our tradition of excellence. The relationships we have cultivated with each of our customers, who rely on us for specialized capabilities, have reinforced our record of repeat and negotiated business.

What is Industrial Rigging?

Industrial rigging involves lifting, moving, and transporting heavy equipment or machinery to a specified location. Often, industrial machinery is too heavy or cumbersome to be moved by normal means, which is why people rely on a rigging service. We have specialized equipment and rigging gear, like wire rope, slings, hoists, hooks, ratchet straps, etc. along with a crane to move heavy loads. The scope of a rigging project can vary greatly, from simply moving some heavy machinery to a different spot in the same facility to transporting industrial equipment across the country.

What is Specialized Rigging?

Specialized rigging is similar to industrial rigging, but typically entails moving a heavy objects without the standard fittings or hookups. This could mean a variety of items like a statue, art installation, or a machine specific to a certain industry, such as mission critical. These unique loads may require some work from our steel fabrication shop to allow for proper movement. 

You might also need specialized rigging in certain instances where there isn’t a lot of room to operate. Regardless of the form, it takes an experienced rigger and the right equipment to safely and efficiently transport a load like this.

Why Superior Rigging and Erecting Co.?

When entrusting your valuable machinery, equipment, or installations to a rigging company, the main things you need to consider are safety, efficiency, and trust. 

Safety: When working on a project, we always strive to ensure that no related party is ever put in any form of unnecessary danger. We take many extra steps to ensure safety including morning debriefs.

Efficiency: At SRE, we have all the construction equipment and vehicles to completely handle the job. This means we don’t have to bring in another company to help out with any aspect of the project. We can work under tight schedules to satisfy even the most demanding clients.

Trust: As far as trust, there’s a reason customers across the Southeast have been relying on us for rigging services for over 70 years. Check out our testimonials and projects if you need to see for yourself.

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