Machinery Moving

At Superior Rigging and Erecting Co., we specialize in machinery moving, an essential service in various industries like manufacturing, mechanical, electrical, data centers, and more. Whether it’s a single piece of equipment or an entire plant, we understand the intricacies involved in moving heavy machinery and oversized equipment. Our strength lies in our extensive experience and hard-earned expertise. With years of hands-on experience under our belts, we provide top-notch rigging services, offering our clients the best service backed by a strong work ethic. Our top priority is to ensure minimal disruptions to your ongoing operations, taking the weight off your production schedule while we perform our tasks.

Our frontline team, the face of our company, interacts directly with customers, tackling challenging situations with confidence and vast experience. Alongside, our operations and estimators invest countless hours in the planning phase, ensuring the seamless execution of each project.

Planning is key at Superior. Our crew will design a plan based off weight assumptions, logistics, your timeline and necessary equipment. No matter your project size, Superior can meet your heavy machinery moving needs.

Our Machinery Moving Services

We provide a broad array of services ranging from the relocation of machinery within your facility or onto our trucks – a part of our comprehensive transportation services, to assembly, dismantling, and maintenance of industrial machinery. Our skilled machinery movers are adept at maneuvering heavy equipment in tight spaces, including stairways, elevated access points, and confined spaces. Furthermore, our service portfolio extends to continuous maintenance, particularly beneficial for data centers.

Our Machinery Moving Work

We have worked in the mechanical, electrical, and industrial sectors, as well as independent companies. We have been privileged to partner with water treatment facilities, paper mills, and oil reclamation plants, moving everything from boilers, motors, and generators, to rollers, fabric machines, and CNC and printing machines. We’ve also installed comprehensive fire protection systems, further showcasing our versatility.

We also have years of experience serving Data Centers or Mission Critical. We have moved switchgears, generators, transformers, and more. Often, our clients in this sector find our continued maintenance to be extremely valuable as well.

Equipment and Technology Used

In terms of equipment, we make use of the latest technology, including mini cranes, gantries, versa lifts, and large forklifts. Notably, our gantry systems are capable of handling loads up to 400 tons. We also use techniques such as swivel skates, jacking, and setting/skating to move your machinery with utmost precision.


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Understanding our customers’ needs is at the heart of our operation. We strive to provide an unmatched level of customer service, establishing ourselves as your go-to service provider for machinery moving. We’re excited about your next project, and we stand ready to move your new machinery, whether within your existing facility or to a new location.

Choose Superior Rigging and Erecting Co. for your machinery moving needs. Let us leverage our extensive experience and our experienced team to deliver a stress-free, successful move of your heavy equipment. Rest assured, when you trust us with your machinery moving, you’re choosing a rigging company with a proven track record of excellence in the manufacturing industry. Reach out today to speak with our helpful customer service team or to request a quote.



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