Link-Belt HTC 86100 Hydraulic Truck Crane

The Link-Belt HTC 86100 sets the standard for performance and versatility in the crane rental industry. With a lifting capacity of up to 100 tons and a main boom length of up to 140 feet, this truck crane tackles the most challenging lifting jobs with ease. Its excellent transportability and configuration with the toughest transportation laws make it a great choice for projects across various sectors.

HTC 86100 Crane Features

Link-Belt cranes are designed with advanced features to deliver unmatched performance on the job site. From its heavy lift capacity and versatile boom configurations to its operator cab and safety systems, each aspect enhances efficiency, safety, and convenience. Some of the key features that set this hydraulic truck crane apart include:

  • Load Capacity: Its 100-ton maximum lift capacity ensures heavy loads are moved safely and efficiently.
  • Boom Length: 38-140 ft main boom with full power latching offers flexibility for various lifting tasks.
  • Maximum Tip Height: Reaches up to 237 feet, ideal for high-rise construction projects.
  • Operator Cab: Next-generation design with enhanced visibility and ergonomics, featuring integral air conditioning for extra comfort. Also includes a pull-out cabwalk platform for the operator to stand on.
  • Serviceability: Large swing-out engine hood doors and aluminum fenders allow for easy maintenance.
  • Ride Quality: Has air ride suspension on the front and rear axles that provide on-tire lifting capabilities.
  • Link-Belt Pulse: A built-in crane operating system that uses the display as an operator interface and readout.
  • Safety Features: Have cameras for the right side carrier, back-up, right side upper, and main and auxiliary winches for safe operation.
  • Fly Options: Fly options feature 4 offset positions of 2°, 15°, 30° and 45° to accommodate various lifting requirements.

Who Needs a Hydraulic Truck Crane?

Hydraulic truck cranes are valuable pieces of equipment on construction sites due to their ease of setup, mobility, and versatility. They are perfect for projects where time and efficiency are important. They allow crane operators to quickly move the crane into position, prepare the boom for lifting, and begin the task. This makes them a great choice for infrastructure development and industrial and commercial projects, where the crane’s flexibility can enhance productivity and operational efficiency.

Industries where you often find these mobile cranes include:

  • Airports
  • Bridges and Highways
  • Stadiums
  • Hotels and Apartments
  • Malls
  • Railways
  • New Construction
SRE's link-belt htc 86100 hydraulic crane in action.
SRE's Link Belt HTC 86100 crane.

SRE's Comprehensive Services

At SRE, our commitment to our clients is a top priority. By offering an extensive fleet of crane rentals, we deliver solutions tailored to the specific demands of each task. Our team of experts supports you at every step, from the initial planning and customized lift strategies to executing the project with precision and safety. Whether you’re lifting heavy steel beams or delicate machinery, our services meet the highest standards of efficiency and safety, ensuring that your project is in the best hands.

Crane Safety Standards

Safety is our top priority at SRE, especially when operating high-capacity machinery like the HTC-86100. We adhere to strict safety standards by ensuring that all our operators are fully certified with the OSHA 10 certification. This guarantees our compliance with the highest safety regulations in the industry. We implement rigorous safety protocols, equipment inspections, and comprehensive operator training for every project. This dedication earns Superior Rigging a positive reputation across the Southeast.

Partner with SRE: A Premium Crane Rental Company

When you partner with Superior Rigging & Erecting Co. for your crane rental needs, you’re choosing a partner dedicated to excellence. We expand our services far beyond just cranes; we specialize in structural steel erection, steel fabrication, millwrighting, and more. Our expertise, commitment to safety, and extensive fleet make us the best choice for projects demanding precision, reliability, and the absolute best results. Trust SRE to elevate your next crane project to new levels of success.


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