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With a significant presence in the Atlanta area, Superior Rigging & Erecting Co. offers specialized warehousing services. As construction projects intensify in scale and complexity, it becomes important to secure your equipment and inventory in a safe, dry, and easily accessible location.

Superior Rigging & Erecting Co. has been pioneering warehousing solutions in Atlanta since 1952, and we continue to establish trust and reliability among customers in the industry. With over 70 years of experience in the United States, we have excelled in providing secure environments for valuable equipment during construction projects. Our warehousing services do more than just provide a place to store your inventory; we understand the unique requirements of rigging and delivering storage solutions that ensure the longevity and durability of your equipment. When it comes to the secure and efficient storage of heavy equipment, SRE is here to provide superior solutions for your Atlanta facility.

Our Comprehensive Warehousing Services

Located on a 30-acre site in Atlanta, Georgia, we have a 92,000 square foot facility with specialized indoor and outdoor storage space. Our Atlanta warehouse is dedicated to storing construction equipment and installations, and we stand out because we make sure your equipment and inventory are protected and safely transported from the construction site to the warehouse. With strict quality control measures and precise security systems, we are able to create an unparalleled storage experience for customers.

Where SRE Stands Out

Superior’s long-lasting legacy positions us as the number one solution for establishments seeking reliable short or long term storage in Atlanta. With our exceptional equipment and inventory management procedures, we play an integral role in ensuring the seamless flow of your construction tasks.

Our state-of-the-art warehouse space and positive reputation across the industry allow us to offer an innovative solution for even the most challenging storage needs. We manage equipment with utmost care, allowing you to focus on your construction project and leave the equipment transportation services to us. By partnering with Superior Rigging & Erecting Co., your equipment’s safety is always guaranteed.

Why Use Warehousing Services?

In construction, the value of a piece of equipment goes beyond its price tag; it’s the foundation of the entire operation. A delay in delivery or damage to the equipment can result in project setbacks and increasing costs, and this is where the significance of using warehousing services comes into play.

With projects becoming more complex and construction timelines being unpredictable, having immediate access to well-maintained and safely stored equipment is a top priority. Our storage facility prioritizes the safety and care of your valuable assets, ensuring they’re ready to be transported at any moment without complication.

In an industry where timelines are strict and the room for error is small, our warehousing facilities are the services that stand out, offering an added layer of convenience and efficiency to your project.


There are several key elements that make SRE the best choice for warehousing. Our facility is in the most ideal location, providing easy access to metro Atlanta and surrounding cities, and it’s convenient for construction projects that need help with heavy lifting. Our service warehouse is a versatile space that can be adjusted to fit the specific requirements of the client. Additionally, we offer logistical support for projects involving larger loads. With our team’s expertise, we are ready to tackle any logistics challenge and find the perfect solution for storing your equipment and inventory.

Choose Atlanta Warehousing Services at SRE

When you work with Superior Rigging & Erecting Co., you’re gaining a committed partner that will provide high-quality warehousing solutions for the storage of your heavy equipment. We understand the importance of secure and reliable warehousing services, and with years of experience, we promise to tailor our solutions to your specific needs. Throughout the rigging industry, we are known for our expertise and quality customer service in the wide range of services we offer, including crane rental, specialized rigging, millwrighting, steel fabrication, steel erection, and more.

As Atlanta’s trusted partner for all equipment storage needs, we are ready to help! Contact SRE today and learn about our warehousing solutions that ensure the security and reliability of your inventory.

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