The Fab Shop

The Fab Shop

At Superior Rigging & Erecting, we make a lot of our own structures needed for jobs. We make these complex structures in what we call The Fab Shop. We have invested a great deal into making sure we are able to get the job done right for all of our clients – 20,000 square feet of our facility is dedicated to shop fabrication and the production of steel columns, beams, trusses, girders joists, and decking, as well as one-of-a-kind structures. We also produce a wide variety of smaller iron, stainless steel, and aluminum project items such as stairs, railings, and cable trays. This all ties back into our  mission since 1952…Making the Tough Look Easy!

Past projects have included the SunTrust Park scoreboard access, The Delta Modernization Project at the Atlanta Airport and the erection bracing plan for Philips Arena!

Superior Rigging & Erecting was founded in 1952 and has locations in Atlanta, Ga. and Orlando, Fl. Since, we have developed a reputation for completing complicated projects with ease. Services offered include: steel erection, specialized rigging, millwrighting, turnkey plant services, heavy transport, equipment rental, warehousing, art/sculpture installationand more. With wide-ranging services and more than 65 years of operation, Superior Rigging & Erecting offers seamless solutions to the most complex projects. Superior Rigging & Erecting: making the tough jobs look easy since 1952.  

Learn more about our multi-generational history in our company video: Superior Rigging & Erecting Co. – Our Story

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