Justin Sheffield

Justin Sheffield


Justin Sheffield 

Rigging Operations Manager – Atlanta

Justin Sheffield joined Superior Rigging & Erecting Co. in 2013 as a Foreman. He began his career as a Journeyman Iron Worker through Local 387. He completed the 4-year apprenticeship, including the most recent upgrades, and went through the Impact Superintendent and Leadership Training. 

Sheffield spent a good portion of his early career performing industrial steel erection for many of Georgia’s Coal and Combined Cycle Power Plants. Since joining SRE in 2013, he has quickly worked his way up through various leadership roles.

Sheffield currently serves as the Operations Manager of the Rigging Department at the Atlanta headquarters. A project that stands out for Sheffield is the construction of Mercedes Benz Stadium. Sheffield worked on this project for 3 years with SRE and says it’s the highlight of his career thus far.

“I chose not to act as supervision on that job, as it would probably be the largest stadium in Atlanta for quite some time and I wanted to be in the roots of that project.”

Sheffield’s experience, leadership capabilities and commitment to making the tough look easy inspire his team to deliver top-notch results on every rigging project presented.

“My favorite part of my job is constantly building a team of men and women that appreciate their role in the company because they are respected and appreciated for the work, efforts, and knowledge they bring to the table every day.”

In 2020, Sheffield and his team were awarded the Outstanding Subcontractor Performance Award from Turner Construction for their efforts on the CDC Project.

Did You Know?

Justin has been married for 16 years and has 4 children. He moved to Georgia from Southern Idaho when he was 19 and is close to living in Georgia for half of his life!



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