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What is a Boom Truck?

What is a boom truck?

On the construction site, having one piece of heavy equipment that can handle multiple jobs effectively can be a real benefit, and a boom truck fits this need in many situations, covering different types of cranes, transports, and personnel work platforms. The boom truck covers several different needs on the job site, such as a […]

Georgia Pacific Project

Georgia Pacific Project Each year, we have the pleasure of installing the pink ribbon for October breast cancer awareness, the mustache in November for Movember – men’s health awareness, and the Christmas wreath for Christmas. We store the ribbon, mustache, and wreath for the customer year round in our indoor storage facility. In October, we […]

Mega Millions Sign Change

Mega Millions – Sign Change In October, the Mega Millions Lottery jackpot rolled over to one billion dollars for the first time! The Georgia Lottery Corporation called up Superior Rigging & Erecting and asked us to assist in changing the billboard jackpot sign to one billion. SRE provided a boom truck and a man basket […]

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