Erecting a 100 ton steel truss is one thing, but entrusting a rigging company with a one-of-a-kind project is another story. Since 1952, designers, architects, and curators have trusted our reputation as the rigging company with a gentle touch.

As proven rigging experts, Superior Rigging & Erecting uses our everyday skills to deliver the out of the ordinary. We’re known for a special willingness to solve the challenging tasks related to moving awkward, priceless, and precious projects with efficiency and safety.

While everyday construction, erecting, rigging, and millwrighting projects are our bread and butter, the stories you’ll most often hear from us are about our most unusual and difficult jobs.

We’ve performed for the movies, relocated a huge steel robot, and rigged a live male rhinoceros for a visit to his next romantic conquest (be sure to ask us about that one). We’ve brought amusement park riders’ dreams to life in Florida, Louisiana, and Georgia, and even moved a massive tree. And we’ve done it all with efficiency, safety, and with style.

We lay our reputation on the line with every job. So you can be sure we’ll take the time to plan your project down to the smallest detail. We have the experienced personnel, specialized skills, and equipment to make sure that even a job with only one chance for perfection is a success.

For your special projects, trust our more than 60 years of experience. Superior Rigging & Erecting Company makes the tough look easy!

"Your company was instrumental in erecting the first dive coaster in the United States."
- Daniel B. Brown / Busch Gardens
"You succeeded in performing a flawlessly yet difficult schedule with high risk."
- Equata James / Turner Corporation Company
"There are no words to express our appreciation to your firm in making our job easier and these awards possible."
- Thomas N. Troutman / New South Construction Company, Inc.
"Thank you for providing such excellent service to the High Museum during the many fall exhibition changes."
- Amy Simon / The High Museum of Art
"We would not have been able to overcome our hardship so quickly without the cooperation and performance from Superior Rigging"
- Jeff Herrin / Southwire