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Complex Machinery Moving | 200,000+ lbs of Generators and UPS PODS


Superior Rigging & Erecting Co. was commissioned by Inglett & Stubbs for a demanding project involving the precise placement of three generators and three UPS PODS. Each UPS POD weighed a hefty 95,000 lbs, while the generators, consisting of the tank, generator engine, and closure, added up to a substantial 110,000 lbs each.

Adding to the complexity of the project, the trucking company delivering the pods was unable to maneuver their trailer to the designated crane location due to space constrictions. In response, our team seamlessly coordinated with the trucking company and our customer to secure a specialized Goldhofer trailer, enabling us to transport the equipment to its intended placement site.

Utilizing the Power of our 550-ton Liebherr 1450-8.1 All-Terrain Crane: Our first step in this operation was the deployment of our robust 550-ton Liebherr 1450-8.1 all-terrain crane. This crane was instrumental in the precise placement of all three generators, weighing 110,000lbs each.


Conquering the site layout with our Grove GMK 5250L: Recognizing the unique challenges posed by the site layout, we strategically positioned our Grove GMK 5250L crane in a nearby parking lot, allowing us to offload the UPS PODS. These pods were originally situated on a trailer that could not access the actual installation site.


ups pod with rigging attached

Transitioning Equipment with Goldhofer Trailer: To bridge the gap between the parking lot and the desired installation location, our team facilitated the seamless transfer of the UPS PODS onto a specialized Goldhofer trailer. This custom solution ensured the safe and efficient transportation of the equipment.

Precision Placement with the 550-ton Crane: Once the UPS PODS were securely positioned on the Goldhofer trailer, we continued to rely on our powerful 550-ton crane to safely offload the UPS PODS and precisely place them in their designated locations.

Planning & Precision

This project exemplified Superior Rigging & Erecting Co.’s commitment to overcoming logistical challenges and delivering superior crane and rigging solutions. Our expert team’s ability to adapt to the unique demands of the job, combined with our can-do mindset allowed us to set the equipment successfully and safely for our trusted customer.

Salesmen: Andrew Godfrey

550 Ton Crane Operator- Darrell Clayborne

300 Ton Crane Operator- Garrett Moody

Rigging Foreman- Keith English

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