Broderson IC 250 Carry Deck Crane

The Broderson IC 250 is a highly versatile industrial carry deck crane known for its 18-ton capacity and 360-degree rotating boom. Its compact, heavy-duty design makes it ideal to maneuver through tight spaces and clear overhead obstacles. With a maximum tip height of 79′ 6″, this crane handles various lifting tasks, especially in environments where space and precision are important. This carry deck crane is the solution for industrial and maintenance applications, offering a combination of power, maneuverability, and efficiency.

Broderson IC 250 Features

The Broderson IC 250 is a durable and versatile carry deck crane with a selection of features that make it reliable for industrial settings. As part of SRE’s crane rental fleet, this equipment demonstrates our commitment to providing the right solutions for various lifting needs. The Broderson IC 250 features include:

  • Self-Loading Carry Deck: Enhances the crane with practical load-carrying ability.
  • 4-Section Boom & 360-Degree Rotation: Features an extending and retracing four-section boom with continuous 360-degree rotation, and a worm drive gearbox that adds greater reliability.
  • Hydraulic System: Employs a hydraulic planetary gear hoisting system that delivers low-speed power for lifting heavy loads and a high-speed setting for lighter loads.
  • High-Performance Hydraulic Power: The crane’s hydraulic power is driven by a tandem pump, producing 29 gallons per minute.
  • Rated Capacity Limiter: Warns the crane operator of potential overloads with audible and visual signals, and stops boom functions to prevent accidents.
  • Flexible Steering Configurations: Offers multiple steering modes, including 4-wheel steer, rear-wheel steer, or crab steering. The rear wheels steer in 2-wheel drive, but 4-wheel drive is optional.
  • EPA Compliant Engines: Options for EPA Tier 2 and Tier 4 engines, catering to various environmental and performance requirements.
  • Smooth Powershift Transmission: Features a 4-speed forward and reverse transmission, enabling the operator to power shift smoothly at any engine speed in any gear.
  • Standard Specifications: This carry deck crane has an 18-ton maximum lift capacity, 79′ 6″ sheave height (max tip height) with boom extension, 70′ 1″ horizontal reach with boom extension, and 50′ main boom length.
  • Low Profile: A low-profile crane is suitable for tight workspaces and simplifies transportation on flatbed trucks.
  • Optional Features: Broderson cranes include optional features like the noise reduction kit, boom work lights to light the boom tip, searcher hook, and yellow strobe lights for extra visibility. These further enhance operational productivity and performance.

Who Needs a Carry Deck Crane Rental?

If you’re searching for an adaptable lifting solution, the Broderson IC-250 is the best choice for various industries and projects. This carry deck crane stands out for its self-loading capability and maneuverability, allowing it to move through confined spaces and around overhead obstacles with ease. At Superior Rigging & Erecting Co., we offer this versatile crane rental service to various sectors, including industrial settings, construction zones, and manufacturing operations. With over 70 years of experience, we make sure each project is handled with expertise, superior equipment, and safety.

broderson IC 250 crane
broderson IC 250 3D carry deck crane

Superior Rigging & Erecting Co.'s Services

At SRE, we are known for our reputation as a reliable rigging and crane rental company. We extend our services to specialized rigging, steel erection, and steel fabrication. With our Broderson IC 250 carry deck crane rental, we deliver optimal performance and quality in every construction project that we handle. Our team of operators has the skills and knowledge to use this crane, making sure each project is completed safely and efficiently. Whether it’s maneuvering through tight spaces or tackling overhead obstacles, we ensure precision in every task.

Crane Safety Standards

Crane safety is paramount at SRE, especially when it comes to operating specialized equipment like the Broderson IC 250. Our approach to safety is comprehensive and proactive, and we ensure that everyone on our team is thoroughly trained to handle this equipment safely and effectively. All of our crane operators have at least an OSHA 10 certification. We perform regular maintenance checks, adhere to safety standards, and conduct training programs to form a strong safety protocol. Our commitment to safety has made SRE a trusted leader in the industry, known for performing operations with care.

Partner with SRE for Crane Rental Services

Choosing Superior Rigging & Erecting Co. for your crane rental needs means choosing a partner known for reliability and excellence. Our experience and extensive equipment fleet make us capable of handling various projects with precision. We are proud of our ability to deliver solutions tailored to the unique requirements of each project. Our fleet maintains the highest standards of safety and ensures optimal performance in every task. Request a quote today and trust SRE to provide you with the best customer service and crane rental options for making your project a success.


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