Liebherr LR 1300 Lattice Boom Crawler

The Liebherr LR1300 is an impressive lattice boom crawler crane, representing the pinnacle of lifting technology in the crane industry. With a maximum lifting capacity of 330 tons, this crane creates a blend of strength, precision, and excellence that Liebherr is known for. With a main boom extending up to 302 feet, this crawler crane is ideal for various heavy lifting tasks. Whether for large-scale construction projects, infrastructure development, or specialized industrial applications, the LR1300 is a valuable asset in the construction industry.

Features of the Liebherr LR 1300

In terms of size and load capacity, the LR1300 lattice boom crane is a piece of equipment with advanced technology and innovative design. Each feature of the crane meets the rigorous demands of modern construction projects, offering unmatched efficiency and reliability. At Superior Rigging & Erecting Co.’s crane rental fleet, we offer the LR 1300 and LR 1300 SX (newest generation) crawler cranes. These construction machines represent our commitment to high-quality solutions for various lifting needs. These are some of the key features that set the LR1300 apart from other mobile cranes.

  • Assistance Systems: The LR1300 features impressive assistance systems that enhance operational safety and ease of transport. They deliver precision and stability, making complex lifting operations more manageable and safer.
  • Functional Design: The crane’s configuration and design are tailored for high operator comfort, ensuring the operations remain focused and comfortable during long working hours. This is essential for ensuring safety and efficiency on the construction site.
  • Adaptable and Powerful Boom System: The LR1300 features a maximum boom length that extends up to 302 feet, providing versatility for various heavy lifting tasks. With a powerful luffing jib and various counterweight assemblies, this crane tackles lifting projects with ease.
  • Open Loop Hydraulic System: The crane’s open-loop hydraulic system enables precise control over its movements. It uses an axial displacement pump for boom luffing, jib luffing, and travel, making it a robust tool for any project.
  • Safety and Reliability: The assistance system and spring-loaded holding brake contribute towards operational safety with this crane. We ensure the highest safety standards are met in every operation.

Who Needs a Lattice Boom Crane Rental?

If you’re seeking a crane that handles the most demanding tasks with unmatched efficiency, the Liebherr LR1300 is the solution. Our lattice boom crane is impressive in its capacity and reach, and is versatile enough to cater to various industries and projects. At Superior Rigging & Erecting Co., we offer crane rental services for a diverse range of applications. Whether for civil construction, industrial applications, power plants, or providing support for deep foundation projects, the LR 1300 handles these challenges with ease. With over 70 years of experience in the field, we ensure that each project is completed with precision, using high-quality, durable, and reliable equipment.

Liebherr LR1300
LR 1300 crane

SRE's Extensive Services

At Superior Rigging & Erecting Co., our services extend beyond just providing a crane; we offer specialized rigging, steel erection, and steel fabrication services across the southeastern United States. With our Liebherr LR1300 crane, we enhance the capabilities of construction projects. With an impressive 330-ton lift capacity and extended boom reach, this crawler crane is integral to our services. This approach allows us to tackle complex projects, providing the planning and expertise to ensure optimal performance in your project.

Crane Safety Standards

Safety is a top priority in all our operations, especially when handling the LR1300 crawler crane. At SRE, we adhere to strict safety standards that govern each aspect of the crane’s operation. By utilizing an equipment inspection report, setting safety expectations, and comprehensive training for our operators, we ensure every safety protocol is followed. This commitment to safety is a core value that guides our operations. Each crane operator has at least an OSHA 10 certification, ensuring each project is executed safely. The LR1300 aligns perfectly with our safety-first mindset, making it a reliable tool in our fleet for the most challenging tasks.

Partnering with Superior Rigging & Erecting Co.

When you partner with SRE for your crane rental needs, you’re working with a company that brings over 70 years of industry experience. Our track record of success and expertise with the LR1300 crawler crane enables us to provide innovative solutions to customers. Whether it’s maneuvering through the construction site or lifting high loads at great heights, our team ensures that the full potential of the LR1300 is met. With our customer-oriented approach and commitment to safety, we are the premium partner for your construction journey, ready to tackle any task.


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