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Aspen Aerogels | Rigging Package for Nine Air Handling Units


Our mission, in collaboration with R.F. Knox Company and Turner Construction , was to transport oversized air handling units, each weighing 12,000 lbs and measuring 20 feet in length, into a facility with restricted access. The objective was to move these units through a precast opening, with the added constraint of completing the offloading and installation within a single day, due to third-party trucking considerations. 

Challenges included: 

  1. Precise Handling Without Anchorage or Drilling: As the facility was constructed as a post-tension structure, traditional anchorage or drilling methods were not an option. This constraint required us to devise innovative solutions.
  2. Second-Floor Placement: The location of the air handling units on the second floor presented a further challenge. The structural integrity of this floor couldn’t withstand the weight of a forklift, necessitating a different approach.
  3. Limited Headroom: Within the facility, there was minimal headroom for stacking the units once inside, leaving less than a foot of clearance above the gantry.

Load Redistribution: We outfitted the unit with the necessary equipment to enable load transfer into the structure. This was accomplished by employing chain falls to efficiently redistribute the crane’s load from four points to two, ensuring stability and safety during the process.

An air handling unit being skated into place after rigging

Mobile Relocation: Following load redistribution, we skillfully transferred the units onto mobile swivel skates. These skates allowed for precise movement, which was further facilitated by the use of an electric pallet jack. This meticulous process ensured that the units could be relocated to the elevated housekeeping pad with the utmost care.

7.5 ton gantry system in use
Rigging an airn handling unit with crane

Gantry System Integration: For the final set of seven units, we introduced a 7.5-ton gantry system. This system enabled us to lift two additional 20-foot-long units and stack them atop the previously set units, all while maintaining proper alignment and secure bolting to ensure structural integrity.

Planning & Precision

Our collaborative efforts with RF Knox and Turner Construction showcased our ability to adapt to challenging constraints, employ innovative solutions, and successfully deliver on a complex rigging project, ultimately ensuring the safe and efficient installation of these oversized air handling units.

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