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At Superior, we love a good rigging challenge.

Recently, APG Electric entrusted us on a very important project for Amazon. We took on the task of installing three transformers—coming in at around 50,000 lbs. each—onto concrete pads at their new distribution facility in Lakeland, Florida.  

The original plan was for us to off-load, rig, lift, and set their already assembled transformers onto the roof, so when the transformers arrived at the site unassembled, well—you can imagine, we were a little surprised.  

All of the sudden, a relatively easy job turned tough, and it was up to our team to find a quick solution. But as you know by now, we embrace the opportunity to make a tough job look easy.

Using our 50, 160, and 200 ton hydro-cranesalong with the appropriate counterweights, spreader bars, and rigging equipment, we were able to assemble the transformers on site and install them at the new distribution center in a matter of hours.  

“My guys were blown away by Superior’s professionalism and effectiveness… They far exceeded our expectations” – APG Electric (Project Managers)

One job had turned into three when those transformers arrived unassembled, but our team was ready to adapt and respond in order to complete the rigging job efficiently, effectively, and safely.  

Rigging and erecting is what we do. We have the experience and expertise to overcome any unforeseen challenges that may arise throughout the course of a project.

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