Machinery Moving

What Does a Rigger Do?

What Does a Rigger Do? In short, a rigger uses his or her knowledge of the trade to safely move or relocate a product while utilizing appropriate equipment and methods. There are hundreds of ways to move a product, but a rigger is trained to understand physics such as distribution of weight, sling capacities, sling […]

A Guide to Machinery Moving: Equipment, Technology, and Expertise

Machinery moving is a critical component within various industries, enabling the relocation and installation of equipment essential for production and operations. But what exactly is machinery moving? In simple terms, it involves the transport of heavy machinery and oversized equipment from one location to another, often involving meticulous dismantling, secure packing, careful transport, and precise […]

Rigging Data Center Equipment

PROJECTS Complex Machinery Moving | 200,000+ lbs of Generators and UPS PODS CUSTOMER CHALLENGE Superior Rigging & Erecting Co. was commissioned by Inglett & Stubbs for a demanding project involving the precise placement of three generators and three UPS PODS. Each UPS POD weighed a hefty 95,000 lbs, while the generators, consisting of the tank, […]

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