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Erecting a 100 ton steel truss is one thing, but entrusting a rigging company with a one-of-a-kind project is another story. Since 1952, designers, architects, and curators have trusted our reputation as the rigging company with a gentle touch.

As proven rigging experts, Superior Rigging & Erecting uses our everyday skills to deliver the out of the ordinary. We’re known for a special willingness to solve the challenging tasks related to moving awkward, priceless, and precious projects with efficiency and safety.

While everyday construction, erecting, rigging, and millwrighting projects are our bread and butter, the stories you’ll most often hear from us are about our most unusual and difficult jobs.

We’ve performed for the movies, relocated a huge steel robot, and rigged a live male rhinoceros for a visit to his next romantic conquest (be sure to ask us about that one). We’ve brought amusement park riders’ dreams to life in Florida, Louisiana, and Georgia, and even moved a massive tree. And we’ve done it all with efficiency, safety, and with style.

We lay our reputation on the line as a rigging firm with every job. So you can be sure we’ll take the time to plan your project down to the smallest detail. We have the experienced personnel, specialized skills, and equipment to make sure that even a job with only one chance for perfection is a success.

For your special projects, trust our more than 60 years of experience. Superior Rigging & Erecting Company makes the tough look easy!


You’ve been hearing the shop floor rumors. And now the word has come from Corporate – your plant is slated to move. Going forward, you’ll be awash in designs, schedules, approvals, and a host of other problems. Wouldn’t it be great to know that the move itself is in the hands of experts?

The precision tolerances of a modern factory or data center can rival those of a fine timepiece. And there’s nothing like pulling up stakes and moving to throw that precision under the bus. You need experienced riggers and millwrights who can take your blueprints and other schematics and return your plant to its pre-move state quickly and efficiently.

Since 1955, Superior Rigging & Erecting Company has been moving everything from massive manufacturing plants to fragile mainframe computers. We’re experts at demobilization and mobilization, and fully understand the critical nature of our work. We work in tight places, on tight schedules, and thrive under self-imposed expectations that are higher than our most demanding clients. Our rigging and millwriighting services include disassembing, moving, reassembling, installation, optical alignment and leveling services.



You can count on Superior Rigging & Erecting to deliver a successful move, no matter how complex or delicate your project may be.


Erecting 100-ton steel trusses every day is challenging. But what about erecting a one-of-a-kind sculpture to the plaza of a high-profile downtown skyscraper, or moving a priceless piece of art work to a world-renowned museum? Superior Rigging & Erecting Company has done it all!

We have earned the reputation as the rigging company with a gentle touch. Our highly-skilled tradesmen use creativity, imagination, and experience to complete jobs that have only one chance for perfection. During group preplanning sessions, every detail of the job is discussed as we develop the best plan to accomplish the move.

Superior Rigging & Erecting Company is the choice of designers, architects, and curators when fragile pieces of artwork or heavy sculptures must be moved and installed. You can depend on Superior Rigging & Erecting to ensure your most precious art work is erected successfully.

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Your project requires the coordination of multiple process cycles to ensure a successful completion. Gain a financial and operational edge with Turnkey Plant Services from Superior Rigging & Erecting Company.

A major portion of any project is devoted to the installation of mechanical and electrical components. Too often, these are awarded to separate bidders, resulting in missed cost savings opportunities, time delays, and coordination problems. These can be avoided by selecting Superior Rigging & Erecting Company’s turnkey solution.

We take the time necessary to understand your project in all its complexity. We then bring our wealth of experience and expertise to bear on moving your installation to handoff in the shortest possible time, with no sacrifices in quality or safety.

We bring seamless process management founded on know-how, vast experience, and our commitment to completion on-time and on-budget. Why waste money on the redundancy of multiple subs when you can reap the savings and efficiencies of a turnkey solution? Choose Superior Rigging & Erecting Company as your one-stop shop for mechanical and electrical projects.


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