PROJECT:  Camping World Stadium

YEAR: 2021

INDUSTRY: Sports + Entertainment

Superior Rigging & Erecting Co. served as the rigging and steel erection partner for Barton Malow, general contractor, on the reconstruction of Camping World Stadium in 2020.

Crews used a 300-foot-tall luffing jib crane with a customized, cantilevered, double spreader bar to balance the existing precast and lift it and the old seats up and over the top of the stadium. The crane had a counterweight system that allowed the operator to reach under the top level of seating. That work took place 35 times on each side of the stadium, 70 times during a three-week period.

Crews raised and slid the structural members into place using mini crawler spider cranes and tugger hoists positioned on the 200 level to lift the new steel into place. Skids, like huge dollies, helped people move the steel around.

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