What Does a Rigger Do?

What Does a Rigger Do? In short, a rigger uses his or her knowledge of the trade to safely move or relocate a product while utilizing appropriate equipment and methods. There are hundreds of ways to move a product, but a rigger is trained to understand physics such as distribution of weight, sling capacities, sling […]

Proper Safety with Heavy Equipment

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In the construction industry, using heavy equipment like cranes, bulldozers, and forklifts is essential for completing projects efficiently and effectively. However, the operation of this machinery comes with safety risks that can lead to accidents and injuries if not properly managed. Heavy equipment, fundamental to construction work, supports tasks that would otherwise be impossible due […]

What Does a Millwright Do?

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A professional millwright is a highly skilled individual who plays a role in the installation, maintenance, and repair of heavy machinery and equipment. Industrial millwright work is the core of operational efficiency in various industries, including power plants, construction, and manufacturing. These workers make sure the backbone of infrastructure and manufacturing capabilities remain strong and […]

Understanding How to Be a Crane Operator

In the world of construction, crane operators play a crucial role. These professionals are at the core of many projects and are responsible for operating large and complex machinery that is vital to the success of construction tasks. Their role goes far beyond just operation; it encompasses precision, safety, and a thorough understanding of machinery […]

Precast Installation of a Culvert

Crane setting a precast bridge in place

PROJECTS Precast Installation of a Culvert CUSTOMER CHALLENGE We worked with Ruby Collins and Contech Engineered Solutions on this project. They needed crane and specialized rigging services in a Georgia neghborhood to safely set 24 pieces of precast to construct a culvert over Loch Lomond Creek. Crane: We utilizied our Grove GMK 5250L all terrain […]

A Comprehensive Guide: What is Steel Fabrication?

Steel fabrication is an intricate and transformative process in the world of construction and manufacturing. It involves transforming raw steel into usable products or structural elements. This process isn’t just about altering the physical state of steel; it’s about engineering the steel to meet precise specifications for construction projects and industrial fabrication applications. The versatility […]

What Is a Gantry? Types, Parts, and More

A gantry is a type of overhead crane designed with freestanding legs. These legs are mounted on wheels and allow the crane to traverse along a track or rail system. This mobility is what sets gantries apart from other cranes. It enables them to operate in various environments, from tight indoor spaces to expansive outdoor […]

Superior Adds Liebherr LTM 1230 5.1 All Terrain Crane to Fleet

Liebherr LTM 1230 5.1-2 All Terrain Crane

In November, Superior Rigging & Erecting Co. proudly welcomed the Liebherr LTM 1230 5.1 into their crane fleet. This all-terrain crane boasts a maximum lifting capacity of 275 tons and reaches a tip height of 364 ft. The 5-axle design ensures versatility, safety, and energy efficiency. This addition marks the fourth new all-terrain crane for […]

Superior Team Donates 2,000 Canned Food Items

The Superior Rigging & Erecting Co. teams in Atlanta and Orlando rallied together to bring in 2,000 canned food items and toiletries for their month long food drive. In Atlanta proceeds will go to the Atlanta Community Food Bank and in Orlando they will go to Second Harvest Food Bank. The food drive was spured […]

Mallory Lewis Promoted to Crane and Rigging Sales

Superior Rigging & Erecting Co. is thrilled to announce the promotion of Mallory Lewis to the role of Crane & Rigging Sales. Mallory, who has been an integral part of the Superior team for the past two years, has exhibited unwavering dedication and a strong drive to excel in a sales capacity. Patrick Lewis, CEO/President […]