Different Types of Construction Vehicles

When you’re working in construction, there’s a wide range of heavy equipment that you’ll find on the average construction site. From the average contractor’s construction truck to more specialized heavy construction equipment, these big machines handle the bulk of the work on a construction project from moving heavy materials across the job site or many […]

National Construction Safety Month

During the month of June, Superior Rigging & Erecting Co. celebrated National Construction Safety Month. A new topic was discussed each week, including heat-related illnesses, preventative measures and mental health in the construction industry. Start by clicking on the Week 1 video below to join Superior’s Corporate Safety Director, Martika Williams, on the journey through […]

Superior: Rigging Project for Amazon.com

At Superior, we love a good rigging challenge. Recently, APG Electric entrusted us on a very important project for Amazon. We took on the task of installing three transformers—coming in at around 50,000 lbs. each—onto concrete pads at their new distribution facility in Lakeland, Florida.   The original plan was for us to off-load, rig, lift, and set their already assembled transformers onto the roof, so when the transformers arrived at the site unassembled, well—you can […]

Wings of Steel: ERAU Student Union Project

  Over 2,000 tons – that is how much steel we erected at the new student union building on Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s campus. With that much weight you would expect the building to look like a colossal mass sunk in the ground; instead, it appears more to hover above the ground, suspended by its giant steel wings, ready to take flight at any […]

Superior Rigging & Erecting Co. Spreads Christmas Cheer with Oranges

This Christmas season, the sales team at Superior Rigging & Erecting Co., with locations in Atlanta and Orlando, delivered more than 300 cases of oranges to customers, vendors, employees and friends of the company. Historically, oranges are symbols of gold and prosperity, so the Superior Rigging & Erecting sales team delivers oranges each Christmas season […]

Commiting to Ovarian Cancer Awareness

Superior Rigging & Erecting Co., with locations in Atlanta and Orlando, is committed to the awareness and prevention of ovarian cancer. As such, the company will wrap one of their cranes in graphics designed to draw viewers attention to the cause of ovarian cancer awareness and will donate five percent of all revenue generated by […]

Atlanta Track Club (Peachtree Road Race)

Atlanta Track Club (Peachtree Road Race) EQUIPMENT RENTED: 50-Ton crane PROJECT: Hold the American flag at the starting line for the Peachtree Road Race. Superior Rigging & Erecting has the honor of hoisting the American Flag at the Peachtree Road Race each year. We have been working the Peachtree Road Race every year since 2007 […]

Justin Whitaker Spotlight

Justin Whitaker How long have you worked for Superior Rigging and Erecting? 2 years What is your role here?  I have been an operator for the past two years and will now be starting a new position as a salesman. What makes a great day at work?  Knowing I have completed a task safely, and […]

Macy’s Great Tree Lighting

MACY’S GREAT TREE LIGHTING PROJECT: Remove the tree from a flat bed truck to set on the roof of Macy’s at the Lennox Square Mall in the Buckhead area of Atlanta. After Christmas, remove the tree and set on truck for removal. CUSTOMER: Macy’s EQUIPMENT: 90 Ton Crane + Rigging Team The Macy’s Christmas tree is […]