National Construction Safety Month

During the month of June, Superior Rigging & Erecting Co. celebrated National Construction Safety Month. A new topic was discussed each week, including heat-related illnesses, preventative measures and mental health in the construction industry.

Start by clicking on the Week 1 video below to join Superior’s Corporate Safety Director, Martika Williams, on the journey through National Construction Safety Month.

Mental Health in the Construction Industry

The importance of safety in the construction industry goes far beyond the physical aspects. Mental Health in the construction industry is often overlooked. Even if you are not struggling mentally, your fellow co-worker could be. Listen to the video below to learn about warning signs to look for in co-workers and important mental health resources.

Preventative Measures

Next, Martika discusses preventative measures. She touches on important practices, such as risk assessments, that are a crucial part to planning and setting predictable expectations. She dives deeper into the Hierarchy of Controls, how SRE utilizes PTP’s and more.

Heat-Related Illness

In the final video Martika discusses the two types of Heat-Related Illnesses and the importance of knowing the signs and symptoms associated with each. You will learn more about the two, Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke, and how you can keep yourself and others safe in extreme heat conditions.

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