Link-Belt RTC-8050 Series II: Superior Rigging & Erecting Crane Rental Spotlight

Link-Belt RTC-8050 Series II

Link-Belt RTC-8050 Series II: Superior Rigging & Erecting Crane Rental Spotlight

This Rental Spotlight is part of a series highlighting the numerous heavy equipment rental options available through Superior Rigging & Erecting. From crane rentals and forklift rentals to transport equipment rentals and more, we have you covered with the tools needed (such as lifting equipment, mobile cranes, heavy trucks, etc.) to stay in budget and finish on time.

The Link-Belt RTC-8050 Series II is a rough terrain telescopic boom crane with a 50-ton maximum lift capacity and 110-ft maximum boom length. Perfect for construction job site lifts or industrial yard maintenance, this crane is able to traverse uneven or rough terrain.

The maximum tip height on this crane is 168 ft. with a Confined Area Lifting Capacity (CALC) system that allows more effective operation in small work spaces. This newer, series II model of the RTC-8050 boasts numerous developments and improvements, including “A-max” boom mode allowing for more precise boom operation and BOSS, and exclusive boom stiffening system.

The exclusive “A-Max” system provides optimum strength and stability. For in-close, big picks, the “A-Max” mode allows the operator to extend only the inner midsection of the boom. The hammerhead boom nose also allows the operator to work at high boom angles.

Lightweight nylon head sheaves on the crane (including the optional auxiliary lifting sheave shown here) reduce overall machine weight and increase lift capacities, while the quick reeve boom head allows rope to be easily reeved over the boom head.

Key Features of this Crane Rental:

  •       50-ton at 10ft. radius
  •       110ft. full-power, 4-section boom with quick reeve boom head
  •       Optional 51′ (15.54 m) two-piece (bi-fold) lattice fly, stowable, offsettable to 2º, 20° and 40
  •       185 horsepower Cummins engine
  •       168 ft maximum tip height
  •       Max Elevating Angle – 78°
  •       51 ft. two-piece (bi-fold) fly
  •       A-max boom mode
  •       Flat deck design with full length fenders
  •       Direct mounted electronic transmission
  •       Hydro-gas ride™ suspension
  •       Pilot-operated hydraulic controls

This crane rental offers exceptional control, reliability, and capacity for all lifting and loading applications. Rent one today to get the work done!

We at Superior Rigging and Erecting embrace core values of servant leadership, integrity, and straightforwardness and have been working hard for over 65 years to help you Make The Tough Look Easy! If you are in the Orlando or Atlanta area, contact us today for more information on this or any heavy equipment rental within our fleet to propel your job forward!

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