Link-Belt RTC-8080: Superior Rigging & Erecting Crane Rental Spotlight

Link-Belt RTC-8080: Superior Rigging & Erecting Crane Rental Spotlight

Link-Belt RTC-8080

This Rental Spotlight is part of a series highlighting the numerous heavy equipment rental options available through Superior Rigging & Erecting. From crane rentals and forklift rentals to transport equipment rentals and more, we have you covered with the tools needed (such as lifting equipment, mobile cranes, heavy trucks, etc.) to stay in budget and finish on time.

The Link-Belt RTC-8080 is an 80-ton crane offering remarkable control, reliability, and capacity performance.

With a standard boom of 41’-127’ and full power telescope system, this crane boasts a full power boom with market-leading capacity for its class and 4-link suspension with optional Hydro-gas ride system. The counterweight consists of one or two 9,600 lb. (4 354.5 kg) counterweights for multiple transport and lift scenarios.

Confined Area Lifting Capacities (CALC)

The Link-Belt RTC-8080 offers CALC – with three outrigger positions:

  •       Full retraction
  •       Intermediate extension
  •       Full extension

The outrigger pins eliminate guesswork by automatically positioning outriggers at midpoint position.

4-Link Suspension

With a superior method of axle control, the 4-link design consists of four linkage bars, a track locator bar, and two oscillation cylinders. Together, these components allow the axle to rotate in a side to side motion. Each separate pair of links are independent of the other, allowing the axle to rotate freely.

Key Features of this Crane Rental:

  •       Full power telescope system
  •       41’-127’ standard boom
  •       230’ maximum tip height
  •       18,500 lb. maximum line pull
  •       460 fpm maximum speed (ft. per minute)

This crane also offers superior operator comfort and capability, improved visibility and ergonomics with 4 – mode steering controlled from the steering wheel.

Get the work done! We at Superior Rigging and Erecting embrace core values of servant leadership, integrity, and straightforwardness and have been working hard for over 65 years to help you Make The Tough Look Easy! If you are in the Orlando or Atlanta area, contact us today for more information on this or any heavy equipment rental within our fleet to propel your job forward!

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