Peterbilt 365 w/Manitex TC 45127: Superior Rigging & Erecting Crane Rental Spotlight

Peterbilt 365 w/Manitex TC45127: Superior Rigging & Erecting Crane Rental Spotlight

This Rental Spotlight is part of a series highlighting the numerous heavy equipment rental options available through Superior Rigging & Erecting. From crane rentals and forklift rentals to transport equipment rentals and more, we have you covered with the tools needed (such as lifting equipment, mobile cranes, heavy trucks, etc.) to stay in budget and finish on time.

Peterbilt 365 w/Manitex TC45127

The Peterbilt 365 w/Manitex TC45127 is a powerful and versatile truck with a telescopic crane. It boasts a lightweight, all-aluminum cab with lap seam construction, aircraft grade fasteners, and bulkhead style doors. The motor in the Peterbilt 365 is built with maximum power and outstanding fuel efficiency to optimize performance in virtually any application. If you’re looking for a premium, ergonomic driver experience with increased maneuverability and outstanding nighttime visibility, the Peterbilt 365 is for you.

The Manitex TC45127 Crane on this truck is a versatile telescopic crane with a 127’ main boom, 55’ 2-piece swing away jib, and a tip height of 190’. This crane can be set up quickly with radio outrigger controls.

Key Features of this Crane Truck Rental:

·       127’ five section main boom

·       Two-piece jib (30-55 foot telescopic)

·       Two speed winch, grooved drum, rope tensioner

·       Telescopic jib

·       Front center stabilizer

·       Rotation resistant wire rope

Whether handling residential construction or bridge work in your job, this crane can help you get the work done!

We at Superior Rigging and Erecting embrace core values of servant leadership, integrity, and straightforwardness and have been working hard for over 65 years to help you Make The Tough Look Easy! If you are in the Orlando or Atlanta area, contact us today for more information on this or any heavy equipment rental within our fleet to propel your job forward!

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